Incredible Inuits (2019/2020)

« J'amène mon bâton de parole, et m'adresse aux étoiles. Je sais être seule pour entendre les aurores boréales ».  Joséphine Bacon, Un thé dans la toundra, 2013


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L’inuit qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) is a knowledge theory offering precious teachings about the inuit people, human nature and experience; these teachings are transmitted by oral generation from generation. « Ilippunga » means : I have learnt. Knowledge widespreads through observation, patience, practice and experience. It is a longlasting knowledge thanks to elders on a same earth, the "Inuit nunaat", the Inuit MotherEarth. It gathers all : from landscape to ecology, seasons, climate, resources and links between all those elements. The goal is environmental care and community harmony, and social well fare. Six main concepts guide Inuit teaching and behaviour and their relation with artic animals : environmental protection, women-child and family care, narratives, beliefs and inuit spirituality transmission. Inuit culture is a "few" culture creating extraordinary ingenuity.