Ex-votos (2015)

« Color is a way to generate a direct influence on the soul. Color is the piano key. Eye is the hammer. Soul is the sensitive strings piano ». Vassily Kandinsky, 1912


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This series of Ex-votos paintings (format : 76x58 cm) have been inspired by a trip to Mexico in February 2015.Historically, the term « ex-voto » comes from the Latin « ex voto suscepto » meaning « in pursuance of a vow » : they are generally gifts. These ancient paintings express all the humanity pain or exaltation ; they express the hard condition of men and women who need help and salvation. I have been fascinated in Mexico museums by the intense colors of Codex, masks and ceramics of the Mesoamerican civilizations. This « Ex-voto » serie is an allegory of color. The Frida Kahlo diary and Joris Karl Huysmans writings helped me in this search and creation. In all kind of civilizations and forever, each color is an expression of mood, state of mind, a reaction in front of life. A mood that is supposed to change instantly.

Blue is the symbol of purity and innocence, Red the color of passion and pain, Green : constant lifeblood . Yellow express fear and betrayal. Black : nothingness, penitence and death.

These drawings (format : 78x56 cm) used mixed techniques (bic pen, inks, gouaches and pastel) on Arches paper sheets.